Rotary District 1145
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We hope our Web site and Facebook pages have given you a little insight to what Rotary, and in particular the Carshalton Park Club, is all about.




Rotary is a World Wide organisation of approximately 1.2 million members.  The Organisation was founded in 1905 and can now be found in around 200 Counties and 32,000 individual Rotary Clubs.  Rotary is a totally independent charitable organisation with Clubs serving their individual communities as well as national and overseas projects.  Bound by common purpose, individual Clubs do however have a high level of autonomy and their own individual character.   They consist of like-minded people that not only enjoy putting something back but also enjoy the social and leisure activities offered by membership.



We are an active club that meets weekly, on a Tuesday Evening, at the Oaks Sports Centre adjacent to the Oaks Park an excellent venue that we greatly treasure.  This makes it ideal for those not only living or working locally but also local residents that may commute but would like to belong to a club close to where they live.

Though the club is 40 strong we are actively seeking new members to bring in fresh ideas, new energy and, last but not least, to forge new friendships.   Membership can take 2 forms. Full membership is available to those that wish but we also have the "Friend of Rotary" level, which is available free for a year, for those that want to take things gently or wish to learn more about Rotary before making a decision.



Membership is open to all irrespective of age, gender, colour, class or creed.  There are no caveats except that you have a high level of personal integrity, have enjoyed the fruits of your own success and wish to give something back into society.  You may also find it difficult to identify a charitable activity that suits your lifestyle or would prefer to work with an active group of friends rather than just make an anonymous donation. You want to broaden your social life and circle of friends.  


To see more about the Rotary Club of Carshalton Park visit our Facebook page

or email us at or telephone us on 0844 870 0803